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AIDPAGES by soulight A listing of my pages and what you can use them for

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 in response to wookie...   sounds like me to !! and im having trouble with my gerbils can any one help!!!
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 in response to treacherousbutterfly...   just keep trying hun
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                   some of      

            SOULIGHT'S pages      


  1. Homepage
  2. description of SOULIGHTS PAGES 
  3. more help from SOULIGHT
  4. scholarships
  5. eye care assistance
  6. chain letter information
  7. government benefit calculator
  8. scholarships for the disabled  
  9. free/low cost dental (listing by state)
  10. home equity loans – one family’s HORROR story 
  11. thrift shopping
  12. free/low cost ideas for summer 
  13. homeless info
  14. financial aid for transplants and catastrophic illness
  15. free financial planning assistance
  16. hurricane victim assistance
  17. the vanishing father  
  18. diabetes assisatance
  19. Christmas contest
  20. free money
  22. free/low cost dental help 
  23. free/low cost dental help by state
  24. help for single dads
  25. assistance for single parents
  26. free/low cost  prom dresses and tuxes
  27. what to do in a crisis
  28. how to live on very little money
  29. the plastic bag page
  30. the vinegar page 
  31. the baking soda page
  32. the duct tape page  
  33. help with utilities
  34. car assistance 
  35. free food
  36. free help fixing up your home
  37. free life insurance
  38. money: how much is enough?
  39. assistance for seniors
  40. information and research for health and medical disabilities
  41. disability rights – how to win your social security case
  42. help paying for medical needs
  43. help paying for children’s medical needs
  44. health care humor 
  45. real work at home jobs
  46. how to spot internet scams
  47. warning page
  48. depression information  
  49. great radio show
  50. don’t give up!
  51. how to help others
  52. homelessness info 
  53. about being poor
  54. homeless info 
  55. I’m just curious
  56. success stories  
  57. help for the military and their families
  58. free help for pets


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Steven Spring Fo

Hi, If you're a musician or music student who's been affected by Hurricane Katrina the Steven Spring Foundation has donated instruments to distribute. They also offer free music lessons to New Orleans students and they're just finishing up a free 6-week summer music program for Orleans Parish kids. And they can do piano moving, tuning and repair in the greater New Orleans area as well.
Free help for musicians and music students

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Sandy6 It is so nice to know that someone else cares so much for the poor and especially those in the South. Thank you for going out of your way to read Being Poor ,and reading the book. Oh , by-the-way , I am just an old white woman who cares too , and we O.W.W.s can make a difference ! God Bless you Sandy6 soulight

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Dear soulight, I read being poor, then I read the book, and I sat and cryed,I hurt inside and don't know how to help all of these people including myself,The Government is not helping the people who need the help,so many have tried and they have been turned down.I'am just sick inside.Yes all of these places have been given grants to help people but the people are not getting the help they need.I don't have the money to help anyone,But still rack my brain to see if I can come up with something.You have been so wonderful with everything you have done on your site,Elaine, and I clicked on Who ~ knew, all of you are so wonderful for trying so hard. God Bless all of You. it would be nice to see if anyone got the help they needed,I'am ashamed of our Government,No one should have to go with out food or anything else in this Country.I feel so bad for the people in the south who are very poor and can't get the help they need,I'd like to know if they built there homes back up . it doesn't make any differents what color you are we are all human beings and we all have needs to . just an old white woman who cares. Love and Many Many blessings.sandy6

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Christie, What a sweet and generous thing to say. Thank you soulight

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Lady Christie

Soulight you really have such great information, I know it has helped so many people. The world is a great place with you here. Christie

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Sandy , It is my pleasure to keep you and your husband in my prayers. soulight

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Dear Soulight, No I'am not going any where just like to thank everyone who try's to help, I look to see if I can try and help someone else.I'm in the State of Spokane Washington, on Dentalhelp EWU does dental nothing Major cleaning and small filings at reduced rates and they have a chaz clinic but you have to belong to there medical program before you can get help ,I don't know if that will help,anyone I keep looking for housing help myself because of the toxic mold but we seem to be limited on resources here.I was feeling sick, and tried to write to you and Elaine,I just come up with crazy idea's about starting our own foundation and trying to get grants to help everyone on the aid page,Because I know how hard it is to get help.I'am still waiting for them to come out and give us an estimate,I have one between 20,000 to 30,000 Wow scarey,I don't know if we can repair it,We have a mobile home 1972 it's a double wide.just make's me sick to think how much money we have put into it,when we were working we always took care of it but my husband had a stroke and he is 66 years old now and can't work.I can't believe we've worked so hard and wind up like this. Please pray for us. Thank you Sandy6

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Thank you Sandy , but I hope that doesn't mean you are saying good-bye ! Please let us all know how you are doing. There are many people on Aidpage who care about you. soulight

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Dear Soulight, just wanted to wish you well, and say a prayer for you ,for trying to help,Sandy6

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Thank you ! I hope that you find something that you can use ! soulight

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I think you have great information and think you chose a very appropiate name for yourself.

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Many of us get into financial problems because of bad decisions. If you are thinking of refinancing your house in order to pay off your debts , read this first :

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Soulight, What do you mean by "LOSING MUCH INFORMATION FROM MANY OF MY PAGES..." Is this like a technical problem where suddenly some of your content disappears...? Emil

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Your welcome , Wynona R.J. It is my pleasure ! Thank you for the complement ! soulight And freshwater , I like your post too. God Bless you for being a mother of 10. God gave me just one child , and He knew that was enough for me ! :^)You are so right that is OK to fix yourself. Keep it simple ! soulight

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I have just skimmed through out this site,i really feel connected to the needs of so many others that are suffering.I just had a tendency to belittle my own problems,after seeing so many others with problems.I had a self talk ,cause i can't put my self on the back burner any more.I'm a mother of ten,am disabled physically,and emotoinally.I've lived as a fixer most my life,now i have to relize i got to be fixed too.Not a easy thing to put into my mind,finding my limits is awfull.So much i push myself,till i over do it. Its so wonderfull that there is help with every aspect of our lives to have access to from here,this site.God Bless you whom help. freshwater

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Hi judyrudy The only assistance that I have at the moment is on my dental page , which i believe you have tried. I add more as i find it , so keep checking the dental page ! soulight In case you haven't seen the dental page , the link is below

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